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Fair Oaks Dairy Farms Wastewater Treatment System

Fair Oaks, Indiana

Fair Oaks Farms is home to more than 33,000 dairy cows. On an average day these cows produce more than 330,000 gallons of milk, making Fair Oaks Farms one of the largest dairies in North America. Each year, the farm welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to tour the site, sample homemade cheese and ice cream, and see firsthand how a large dairy farm is maintained and operated in the 21st century. 


In 2012, Fair Oaks Farms hired Garney to design and build a sanitary sewer force main and wastewater treatment plant to process the waste coming from their constantly expanding tourist attraction venues. What was originally designed to be a one mile force main soon turned into a seven mile system at the direction of the Owner and their alliance with the County. Although this change came about just days before mobilization was scheduled, Garney's design-build team was able to re-design the system to accommodate the new location of the WWTP and minimize the impacts to the schedule. 


Construction includes 36,000 LF of force main, along with three pump stations and a pre-packaged 25,000 GPD WWTP. As expected with design-build projects, the project team has been faced with many changes and other challenges throughout the project, but Garney has been able to use value engineering and an "outside the box" mentality to help mitigate schedule and cost impacts. This project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2013, and truly is a win/win for both Garney and Fair Oaks Farms. 

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